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Mark Mancari

  • High School -┬áRush Henrietta 2001 Graduate
  • High School Athletics - Football, Gymnastics, Wrestling, Golf
  • High School Accolades - First recipient of the Werner Kleeman award.
  • College - SUNY Oswego 2007
  • College Athletics - Golf and Wrestling
  • Certifications - 11 certifications from the National Federation High School State Associations, DASA, First aid and CPR, and Concussion certification
  • Coaching Experience - 2007-2009 Rush Henrietta assistant coach. 2009-2017 Perry Wrestling Head Coach
  • Coaching Philosophy - The purpose of coaching is to guide athletes to find success. Success is the application of values in pursuit of a worthwhile and meaningful goal.

Michael Mancari

  • High School - Rush Henrietta 2007 Graduate
  • High School Athletics - Gymnastics, Wrestling, Golf
  • College - University at Buffalo

Mickey Marlowe

  • RH varsity wrestling coach

Charlie Wu

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